Who we are

Who we are

Transforming Children's Futures

Reedham Children's Trust is run by a small dedicated part time staff. Our work involves careful consideration of the many applications that we receive; home visits to meet the children and families; liaising with professionals who know the families to make sure that we help the children who need us most; and linking closely with the boarding schools which provide assisted places. It is very important to us that we keep in touch with the children as they progress through school to ensure that our support is helping them achieve the greatest success.

Raising funds to continue the on-going care and support we provide to children is vital. As demand for assistance grows, so too does the need to promote the work of Reedham Children's Trust and acquire additional funds.

We believe in fairness, equality and respect. Because we are a small staff we can give a very personal touch to our work with children and families. We know that listening is far more important than anything else and we respect the families' right to privacy at all times.

We are hugely grateful to all who support us in this work.