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Charity Golf Tournament SUCCESS!

Charity Golf Tournament SUCCESS!

On Friday 12th May, Dulwich & Sydenham Golf Club hosted Reedham Children's Trust's bi-annual Charity Golf Tournament. Tali Atvars, Reedham Alumni and renowned member at the Club helped arrange this wonderful fundraiser for our Charity.

Tali's story of the day …. and how he helped raise over £2,500!

Players arrived at 1pm, ready to do battle. Registration just a formality, pints were ordered, before players put on their spikes. At just before 2pm the heavens opened, and my first thoughts were, will the rain stop? But seconds before the claxon went, the sun started to shine and it remained fine for the rest of the afternoon.

Early evening, score cards were handed in and recorded, and the winners presented with prizes. Before an absolutely fabulous dinner. Who would have thought you would have 70 or so grown men (and 5 women!) play bingo, but that is the norm at Dulwich, and has been for many years. The day came to an end and many people said they were “already looking forward to the next one in 2019".

I myself was a pupil at Reedham School in Purley, from 1968 to 1974, and am very grateful and always will be to them for keeping me on the straight and narrow. I will always remember my time there, and whenever possible like to help raise funds for the vulnerable children the charity supports today. As long as I am able, I will.

Many thanks to all the players for their support, and I hope to see the same enthusiasm for the Golf Day in 2019!

Stories and quotes from players taking part

Great day, lots of money raised for Reedham. These days are about supporting the charity and having fun. I managed to speak to a few players after the golf and they came quite a distance. We at Dulwich are proud how many compliments about the course we received. As Club Captain it was an honour for me to present the trophies and to support Tali. See you in 2019, when Reedham returns! John Rowland, Club Captain. Club enquiries:

“A fantastic opportunity to play at one of London's top Golf courses and have the opportunity to meet the other Reedham Trust members over dinner. We look forward to the next one." Steve Yewman, Development Director, Westfield

“It was really good to be back at the Dulwich and Sydenham Golf Club to enjoy good company and rather better golf than I had expected! Thanks to Tali, who seems inexhaustible on these occasions, there was huge support from club members and friends and the Trust is grateful to everyone for making it such a financial success." Richard Link, Vice President, Reedham Children's Trust

“Particular praise due to Tali for his part in organising the day and his undoubted knack for getting maximum donations out of the participants. Can't say we (my team) played great golf, but we thoroughly enjoyed the day, the excellent course and the opportunity to support Reedham ; so I think it's a WIN WIN WIN all round!" Peter Churchill-Coleman, Trustee, Reedham Children's Trust