The first lockdown was crazy mad - I hated it. If anyone was caught out of their house for no reason they would have to pay £100 or £200 I think.

My life is different because I can’t see my family and friends or my cousins in a different country. I have to wear a face mask and it is not comfortable. When it warms up in spring I would go to the beach but now I can’t and I love swimming. I can’t go to the beach, park, church, family’s houses, fun fair, water park, ice skating and more stuff.

I have to speak to friends across the phone and text them. We can’t mix bubbles which is annoying because what if somebody died or was injured -  you can’t see them or help but you can kinda help. In school we had to have our own chair, table, pen , pencil - you get it.

I have learned that online school is not better than when you come into school, because when you are stuck on a question you would normally ask the teacher for help but sometimes they can’t.

I learnt Spanish sometimes online but it was way more fun in school because some people knew how to talk Spanish in school. This isn’t part of this but I miss seeing my teachers.

My hopes are that I’ll get to spend time with my family and friends. Go to some countries and spend more time with family and family’s friends. Everything can go back to normal. No more staying inside or wearing face masks and social distancing from everyone. Be able to meet up with friends, go to water parks and enjoy the rest of their lives.

I would hope that some horrible things like murder and killing yourself and racism to black and white people would stop. Also police killing people for no reason.

People can be excited to go eat out and have a birthday party. I hope that when I go into high school it will be fun and not like last year. I want for this world to be peaceful and not full of chaos.