Meet Diane our Local Giver



Like many families, Diane and her daughter Karen wanted to help other families most in need and this Christmas we came up with two donation ideas

Diane was keen to add extra festive food items to her weekly shop in the run-up to Christmas. Eight hampers bulging with Christmas goodies will be delivered to our families just before the Christmas break.

Donating to Reedham's Welfare Fund to support our young people's educational needs is an essential part of our fundraising ask every year.  Diane takes a keen interest in how our young people are doing at school.  Below is an example of what we were able to fund from Diane's generous donation

Mateo's Guardian

is unable to provide him with some of the "basics" needed for each new school term.  The money will go towards books, stationery, toiletries and snacks for his dorm room which will give him that bit of choice and independence.

Anton’s boarding school

provide him with daily lunches whilst he trains at a Football Academy. Although packed lunch is great, this, however, is not always ideal to sustain a teenage boy playing sport on a daily basis!  Anton will benefit from this money which will go towards extra snacks to keep in his room and towards hot lunches with friends.

Kayla has grown in confidence

and is really making the most of her boarding school placement. The extra money will pay for study resources such as audio equipment and books. This will help her to pursue her passion in languages and in recognition of her own initiative and self-motivation.

James’ mother supports three younger children

one of whom has very complex needs. When James comes home during the school holiday, the household can be very chaotic and he benefits most from being able to go out with friends rather than stay at home.  This money will enable him to enjoy some holiday activities such as a cinema trip or lunch with friends.