On Sunday 28th April, 2019 - 42,000 runners took to the streets and were part of the iconic 26.2 mile race around the capital. 


An incredible race, an incredible day.
Thank you Erika for helping to raise £2,225❤️


"Running a Marathon had never occurred to me before and I’ve never considered myself a ‘runner’. But, I jumped at the chance to run for such a worthwhile cause that directly affected my dad (Ringo) and Uncle’s (Tali) childhood and our wider family.

Due to health issues including having surgery! I was forced to postpone the marathon in 2018 but began to train in ernest again in late 2018.

About half way, at Tower Bridge, was a great moment with an amazing crowd, and the cheering supporters all around the course were so encouraging.  I am no Mo Farah, but have loved this experience and hope more people are aware of Reedham Children’s Trust because of it.

A huge thanks to Michelle for all the support over the last two years! The marathon itself was a great day and as I slowly ran the course, it was encouraging to know that all donations were so valuable and would make a real difference."