Croydon Schools Engagement Programme

Aidan has an issue with authority, he was excluded from his previous school and his current teachers disclosed that he has the potential to groom or be groomed by gangs. He has a lot of influence amongst his peers and teachers believe he could be a gang leader in the future.

Together, (with mum) we worked on a Wellbeing Action Plan bespoke to Aidan and his needs, interests, and feedback from teachers. A six-week sports programme at Legacy was agreed by all, and most importantly, Aidan was on board. Each week he has a personal programme and designated youth worker who will work on different areas throughout the youth zone which will help him to shine.

There have been a few bumps along the way but 6 months later, Aidan has a wide circle of friends, he has used his natural leadership skills positively as part of various sports teams and as Gym prefect. Where Aidan getting positive reinforcements, we’ve seen he’s more open and receptive to authoritative figures. He even helped at his school’s summer fair– this was great for his teachers to see.

Kelly, Youth lead has said “What I love to see is Adian’s positive influence on his friends. He lets them know what their strengths are and encourages them to pursue their passion. What he needs is people to do the same for him and I think that’s how we can help. We show him what he’s good at and where he can truly shine.”