Our mission


The charity helps children from families trying to function in desperately difficult circumstances, for whom caring for their children is a struggle. Many of these children are on the edge of the care system and have had their lives disrupted by a combination of such factors as the death or illness of a parent, desertion, parental abuse of drugs and/or alcohol, or they may have been victims of domestic violence.  Our support enables these children to gain the stability and care they need to fulfil their potential.

Annual report


Our Annual Report gives a snapshot of Reedham over the past year and demonstrates how our skilled Children’s Services team have continued to do an excellent job supporting our young people in boarding schools.

This year we look forward to working on and developing some exciting opportunities to expand our support to include children who are not in the boarding school programme.  

Our Annual Report tells a wonderful story about how we continue to transform the lives of vulnerable children.  As a charity we will always rely, as well on donations. All donations directly support our young people.