After a succession of really dire diabetic reviews, I have finally decided to rid myself of a few stones. Inspired by Captain Sir Tom’s 100 day Challenge, I’ve embarked on a diet and am aiming to lose at least 2 stones (12.7kg) over the next 100 days. I may achieve more than this, but certainly cannot afford to lose less given my current blood/sugar levels. I’m not going to use any especially elaborate technique or programme - I reckon if I reduce what I eat by one-third, I’ll be able to reach the target (and, hopefully, more).

I could do with some encouragement, because I’m a foodie and dieting does not come easily! The first week has already been a struggle, but I haven't cheated - so far! It is a great help that my wife, Sandra, has agreed to “mirror” my diet - so we are doing it together.

One way you could support would be by sponsoring me for every kg I lose. All money raised will be collected by the Reedham Children’s Trust. Reedham has a track record in providing life - changing help and support to some of the most vulnerable children in our country. We’ve adapted our services as times have changed always seeking the most innovative ways to meet the needs of vulnerable children. We began as one of the first orphanages for fatherless children, developed into a residential school in 1950, and after the closing of the school in 1980 we offered a unique grants programme supporting vulnerable children with their care and education at boarding schools. Now we are embarking on new projects in collaboration with a number of local groups supporting children in the Croydon area. Quite literally, we are able to transform the life-chances of young people.

You can see more of our work on In the words of one of our young people: 'Being a young carer for my mum, I don’t get a chance to always focus on myself as much as she’d like me to. School allows and helps me to be able to be away from problems that I face on a daily basis and exceed in my work and reach my full potential. Reedham has given me a chance to not take my life for granted and to try my best with my studies. I remain motivated to do well knowing that people have my back and that I have support’.

Now for the question you’re all asking: what was the starting weight at the beginning of this project? Well, I’m ashamed to admit it, the GP weighed me in at a horrific…126 kg! So, as you can see, anything achieved over the next 100 days will be worth it. The final weigh-in will be on 20 August, but I'm not planning to make it a public spectacle!



Thank you to everyone who has donated off-line so far and for those waiting until the 20th August. matching my loss £ for lb! 

£ for lb sponsors include:

  • Margaret and Robin Gordon
  • Helen and Colin Snart

With more names to follow!