"If I hadn't have gone to boarding school then I probably wouldn't have carried on with education up to 'A' levels and wouldn't be focused on education in the way I am now. I found it easier to work when everyone around me was motivated."

Boarding school can be an absolutely life-changing experience

Boarding school can provide a stable environment for a vulnerable young person, and allows them to maintain links with family, who can’t care for them full time.  Reedham's intervention can prevent young people going into care where families or carers cannot manage their full-time care.

Boarding school can be the right place for vulnerable children to thrive both socially and academically.  A child can experience an environment which offers continuity of education, pastoral care and a range of activities and opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be available to them. Every child can succeed and reach their full potential.

Reedham carefully assesses a child’s needs, personality, social skills and level of previous experiences with education.