Croydon Schools Engagement Programme

Billy, age 11 has a lot on his shoulders, he has been diagnosed with ASD, has witnessed a family member being killed, and has anger management issues which have resulted in him being excluded from a previous school. He comes from a low-income family, and his mum has poor mental health, so there is a lot for Billy to contend with.

Through the conversation with Mum, Kelly (Youth worker) realised that there were other local grassroots organisations that could support her with her mental health and financial support, whilst we focus on supporting Billy.

Once Billy learnt about all the activities at Legacy, he was excited.  The first day he came, he ran in the gym and got his induction done as he was very eager to work on his fitness. Sports Coordinator Nick set Billy a personalised fitness plan in the gym and boxing area, as these are great ways for him to release his stress and tension and are seen as a good form of therapy for him.

Billy is  happier overall, he is learning how to regulate his emotions and enjoying his friendship circle at Legacy Youth Zone.