In response to the far-reaching effects of Coronavirus, we are unfortunately having to cancel our GCSE Success project that was due to run in the school Easter holidays.

One of the unique strengths of the GCSE Success project was that Reed's School Alumni returned to Reed's School in order to offer one-to-one tutoring to Year 11 students from Oasis Academy Coulsdon who are preparing for GCSE exams.  To continue the project in current circumstances would not be wise because of the risks to health, but it has been a difficult decision for everyone involved.

We will be working closely with our school partners in the coming weeks to see what support Reedham Children’s Trust can offer all young people involved in our projects, particularly those facing uncertainty around their exams.  Please check back here regularly for how we will be supporting school and students as each navigate the challenges brought about by the health pandemic. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support during these uncertain times. 

GCSE’s can be very hard for any young person, let alone when your home environment makes it hard or near impossible to study. Each year Reedham’s Children Trust works with Oasis academy Coulsdon and Reed’s school, to support a small group year 11 students with one to one Maths and English revision tutoring.

The GCSE SUCCESS PROGRAM is customised to give students more time and attention in a unique learning environment, with less people which helps students to focus and feel under less pressure.

Please consider supporting this project with a donation, to help a young person fulfil their potential.

A donation of £10 could provide a young person with expert Maths tuition for one hour, from a specialised tutor.

Who we help: Students that take part in the project are supported because they are under performing in their GCSE Maths and English, due to their home situation. Criteria for placements include:

  • Those with caring responsibilities
  • Those living with mental or physical disabilities- either themselves or a family member
  • Those with parents with drug or alcohol addictions
  • Those within the schools Pupil Premium plan that have been identified as disadvantaged or vulnerable, or,
    Other difficulties preventing them from learning

“A good education is a fortune a child can never spend”
– Andrew Reed, founder of Reedham Children’s Trust

Did you know?

According to the House of Commons library, 23% of young people without any qualifications are NEET (Not in education or employment) as compared to 9% of those who have GCSEs *.

Helping a young person pass their GCSE’s will also:

  • Help improve their earnings. Those who pass their GCSE English and Maths earn £2,000 more per year than those who don’t.
  • Help them gain a better chance of employment. Many employers would not consider an applicant without these two GCSE’s (Learn Direct report that people with low maths skills are twice as likely to be unemployed).
  • Help these young people communicate better and understand the world around them, helping them have more control over key skills such as finances.
  • Help to improve their health and well-being. Studies show that higher levels of literacy and numeracy are linked to better health and a longer lifespan. These skills also have a positive impact on their mental health****.