The staff and trustees of Reedham Children’s Trust were appalled by the recent murder of George Floyd.  As a charity that supports young people, including many from BAME families, this shocking example of deep-rooted racial discrimination has affected us deeply and caused us to carefully examine our beliefs, values and practices.


We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in the fight against systemic racism. We stand with our black students and ex-students, colleagues, local community and friends to condemn the injustices affecting black communities across the world.  We believe every person should have the opportunity to belong, contribute and thrive without fear or discrimination. This belief underpins the service that we provide to young people.


We recognize that this belief alone is not enough. It is time to do our part and actively challenge systemic racism.  Reedham Children’s Trust will stand in solidarity with others actively seeking to end racism and discrimination in our country and we will unite ourselves with those working towards achieving a more just and inclusive society for all. We will listen to the life stories and experience of our members, colleagues and young people from BAME communities. We will be open to learning and self-examination and we will speak out where we see discrimination and injustice.