Helping to preserve Reedham's Rich Heritage


In Brief

Reedham Children’s Trust has its roots in Croydon, South London. The charity has been located on its current site since 1856 when the Asylum for Fatherless Children in London moved to the purpose-built Reedham orphanage.

In 2019, there are many children whose needs are not being met which makes them vulnerable to poorer health, safety and wellbeing; educational achievement and employability prospects.

Across a typical class of 30, 6 children are growing up at risk due to family circumstances. It is for these children that Reedham Children’s Trust can add the most value by responding to this need, we provide cost-effective support which leads to better outcomes for the child and mitigates against potential longer-term public sector costs in health, social care, and criminal justice.

Reedham exists to Transform the lives of vulnerable children.


Santander Staff Volunteer Day on 14th November 

Reedham has been working with The London Metropolitan Archives to develop a project that aims to preserve and make accessible records from our rich history to the general public and future generations.

Team Santander will be :

  • Working with original material, including: minutes, correspondence, registers, plans, maps, school reports, photographs and audio visual material and artifacts – spanning 1844 - 1980
  • Working as a team, they will create Reedham’s first-ever heritage archive
  • Help store all artifacts including school cups, ties, plates and other items of interest

Watch this space for the story of the day!