School plays a significant role in the life of a child up to their teenage.  Our Reedham school leavers are ready to embark on new paths - equipped to embrace the next chapter - on their journey through further education and beyond.

Education remains at the heart of our work, which we know to be vitally important in enabling children to forge successful futures.

Reedham's relationship with these eleven young people has spanned the length of their school career.  Our continued support has enabled them to develop leadership skills, become confident and resilient and helped to prepare them for the many challenges ahead.

Here's what they are all up to!

  • Reading University - Accounting & Management

  • Crawley Training Academy - Football Apprenticeship

  • Strathclyde University - Management and Business Law

  • The University of Westminster - BTech in Engineering with A levels and an apprenticeship

  • Catering College - Chef course

  • University of London - Acting Degree

  • 6th Form - Art course

  • Loughborough University - International Relations & Politics

  • Oxford Brooks University - Photography

  • Manchester Metro - Fashion Buying & Merchandising

  • Manchester University - Biochemical science