In recent years high-profile investigations of historic child abuse have uncovered a distressing number of cases, including at former children’s homes, orphanages and schools. Reedham Children’s Trust is a charity committed to the highest professional standards in our work to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of vulnerable children, and the staff and trustees of Reedham Children's Trust offer their profound sympathy for any person who has endured such abuse. 

Reedham Children’s Trust was founded over 40 years ago to support vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Since then the Trust has invested in thousands of young people needing help: with projects ranging from financial support for vulnerable children attending boarding schools, to offering programmes in day schools and the community. The Trust was established with the proceeds from the sale of land after the closure of the old Reedham School, formerly Reedham Orphanage. Reedham Children's Trust has never run any kind of children’s home, orphanage or school and none of our staff or trustees held any position at Reedham Orphanage or Reedham School.

As shown on the timeline above, Reedham Children's Trust is a separate and distinct organisation from the original Reedham Orphanage and Reedham School, whose history spanned over 135 years from 1844 to 1979/80. We have been made aware by former attendees that the regime there was, during certain periods, harsh and included mistreatment of children; we abhor any form of cruelty to children, and the staff and trustees of Reedham Children's Trust express our deep regret to anyone who suffered at the former Orphanage or School.