The closures of all schools during the lockdown, has proven to be a really difficult time for all students, especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Our Children’s Services team recognised the additional pressures our young people had been facing, particularly for those who were going to sit their GCSEs and A Levels the following year. With concerns over the lack of access to lessons due to slow internet, lessons not being provided (one school went into administration) and difficult home circumstances, Reedham Children’s Trust decided to act.

We approached a former tutor from the GCSE SUCCESS Project who wanted to volunteer for us.

We facilitated the sessions, using school reports and students' input to determine key topic areas to target and concentrated support in Maths and Science. At the end of the project students received study aids, created by the tutor, to consolidate the summer learning.

Here are a few messages from the students who took part in the online tuition sessions:

Help us to continue providing much needed support for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

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