Is the inability of a family to care, with no other suitable care available, such that the child is unable to thrive. We provide help in circumstances such as:

  • Death or permanent absence of one or both parents
  • Severe and enduring mental, physical ill health, or other disability of parent(s)
  • Disability of a sibling of sufficient severity to be seriously prejudicial to the normal development of a child
  • Neglect of a child

In addition, the following must be met:

  • The Trust can only consider a child for whom the Local Authority has statutory duty eg where a Care Order or Child Protection Plan is in place, if the initial referral comes from the child's social worker.
  • There is confirmation from an independent source(s) that the home circumstances are seriously prejudicial to the normal development of the child
  • The child has a right to reside in the UK at the point of the grant being awarded and has recourse to public funds
  • The child/young person expresses a clear wish to board, and demonstrates that they are likely to respond well to a boarding environment
  • Reedham funds on a shared basis with partner schools, with whom we have established a good relationship and have confidence in the quality of their provision.
  • There is insufficient income and/or assets to wholly pay for boarding

An illustration of our criteria in practice, is Cathy's Story.