It is shocking that today in the UK, 4.1 children live in relative poverty.*  This means thousands of children waking up every morning to the reality of a bleak, insecure life where their family is unable to provide the nurture and safety that they need.

Every year we are contacted by families struggling with generational poverty, mental or physical illness, substance abuse, domestic abuse and disability.  Currently around 65% of the young people we support are young carers looking after a parent, missing out on school and friendships, and lacking the security that they need to learn and prosper.  Their own futures are at serious risk, being in greater danger of suffering health issues, addiction and poverty when they grow up.

Many children facing difficulties like these are ‘on the radar’ of social services, indeed most of them will have been referred to children’s social care services, sometimes repeatedly, but they are not receiving help.  It is estimated that there are 140,000 children like this in the UK.**

They need a trusted ally who understands their situation and is willing to discuss new ways to help make a long-term difference.  The most important thing for many children is to keep their family together – they are often scared that they might be taken into care and separated from the parents and siblings they love.

Reedham Children’s Trust has been that ally for 175 years. 

*Source: Government Briefing paper 7096 

**Source: Action for Children 2017 report Revolving Door’ Part I: Are vulnerable children being overlooked