Total donations raised so far £965!!

As part of the Captain Tom 100 Challenge to raise funds for all UK charities, Team Reedham have decided to set ourselves a challenge. One that will not only raise money for the children and young people supported by our charity in Croydon, but that will also give something back to our local community.

100 acts of kindness has been chosen as our team theme, and over the weekend of April 30th - May 3rd (the bank holiday weekend), the team will be completing at least 100 acts of kindness. These include litter picking at local parks (good for everyone and the environment), delivering food parcels, cooking for neighbours, and child and pet sitting.

Sunday 2nd May update!

70 acts completed already and two days to go! See below and our social channels for pics, so far acts have included:

  • Donating baby clothing
  • Donating children's clothing (*3)
  • Donating cosmetics for women in refuges and homeless shelters (*2)
  • Multiple food bank donations
  • Food delivery to those in need in Croydon
  • Not eating meat for 100 hours
  • Taking friends out
  • Sending notes and cards - just to let people know how awesome they are
  • Giving flowers to remind people and family members how much you love them
  • Training run - to run for Reedham!
  • Helping elderly neighbours - putting away their bins, cleaning up their garden
  • Loading and emptying this dishwasher for mum
  • Buying their sister their favourite ever cakes as a treat
  • Taking neighbours dogs out for a walk
  • Facing your fears and clearing out someone else's cupboard - that is filled with spiders!
  • Gardening for others
  • Litter picking in local parks and streets
  • Buying a 'just because' present to let someone know you care. 

Plus quite a few more!

Here are a few pictures of the Acts Of Kindness completed so far: 

(Pictures from left to right: Foodbank delivery, watering church plants, volunteering at local foodbank, picking up after others, helping an elderly friend, walking the neighbour's dog, going vegetarian for 100 hours, picking up litter)   


Although we strongly believe that acts of kindness are a feature of everyday life, we do think they can be an excellent fundraiser too, so please consider sponsoring us - or even nominate ideas!

*Total amount includes donations made offline and via other sites.

Jess Ritchie