What we do

We help children living in desperately challenging circumstances.  Their families are unable to care for them, struggling with problems like physical and mental health, poverty, or disability.

How we help

We help children like this by giving them the chance to board at a nurturing, modern school where they can thrive and learn in a different environment.

Here they have the stability of a ‘second home’ where they are cared for, make new friends, explore new opportunities, and get a good education – while still keeping in close contact with their families.

Our intervention transforms lives.

Who we are helping

An estimated 140,000 children in the UK are known to Social Services, but do not meet the threshold for social care (and are not referred on to early help after their case is closed)*.  Our charity has been helping vulnerable children like these for 175 years.

                                        *Source: Action for Children 2017 report ‘Revolving Door’ Part I: Are vulnerable children being overlooked?

What young people say about boarding

Please take a look at what the children we help have to say about boarding.  

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