My life this year in 2020-2021 was not how I visualised it due to Coronavirus. Coronavirus has stopped me from going to places and seeing my friends. Socialising away from some of my friends is very devastating, as it is my last year in primary school. But also being at home has helped me a lot because I am safe and I still get to school.

Being at home is not easy though. Work has been getting harder and teachers are expecting a lot from us because we are Year 6 going into Year 7. No one likes wearing masks or staying at home but we have to so we can keep ourselves safe.

School has helped me a lot. It has made me smarter, more focused and very confident in everything that I do. In this year I have learnt that now I can be very patient in lockdown and other stuff.

 No one knows when COVID-19 will stop for good. In fact, when will Coronavirus finish? My plans after Coronavirus are to relax, go out with my family and have the best time of my life since COVID has been done. In this pandemic, which is happening all over the world, I have to wear this terrible mask which I can not breathe in.