Sarah joined Reedham Children's Trust in 2014 and since then has managed the expansion of a small, long-established, grant-making trust, to a vibrant charity focused on redressing childhood deprivation issues through a range of interventions in school and community, aimed at improving access to educational opportunity and improving life outcomes.

Sarah’s professional career has been committed to working with and for children and young people, concentrated on improving schools as communities in which to teach and learn effectively and to thrive personally and socially. She brings previous experience as a CEO to this role, together with teaching, organisational change, and curriculum development in PSHE education, in national, regional and local settings.

Her belief is that it is in society’s best interests to look after all its children and that organisations like Reedham Children's Trust matter hugely for the life changing support they can offer to vulnerable children and young people who might otherwise fall through the gaps in statutory social support measures.

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