"If I hadn't have gone to boarding school then I probably wouldn't have carried on with education up to 'A' levels and wouldn't be focused on education in the way I am now. I found it easier to work when everyone around me was motivated."

In the 2021-22 academic year we supported:

  • 17 young people in boarding school placements.  7 of those places were joint funded with other grant providers (Buttle UK & Royal Springboard) 
  • 10 young people were funded as Reedham Foundationers (support includes Reedham Guardians and Charitable Trusts) 
  • 3 students were in GCSE year (Year 11) 
  • 7 students were in their final year of A-Level (Year 13). 

A-LEVEL and GCSE Result and Next Steps:  

  • GCSE students have all continued on to A-Level studies.
  • Young people took a wide variety of A-Level subjects including languages, social sciences, English, and mathematics.  All young people have continued their education at university this year. Chosen areas of study include - Law, Forensic Chemistry, Outdoor Adventure Education, Classics and Pharmacology. Young people are based at the following universities: Lincoln, Plymouth Marjon, Portsmouth, Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, and Manchester Metropolitan.  

Family feedback - Amy's journey

Amy completed her A-Levels in 2021. Her mum shared the difference Reedham Children's Trust's support has made for her whole family during Amy's school years. 

"I got in touch with Reedham about 6 years ago when my son was so unwell in ICU  and Amy was still so young and had just started high school, she was about 12 or 13. 
I felt so overwhelmed and lost really on how to share myself as a single parent with a sick child requiring extra support and one in the early years of high school needing support with homework and everyday issues besides going through puberty and having a family crisis!
Reedham came through for me like a second family because Amy was able to have somewhere safe to learn, get good cooked meals  and live well, while l dealt with her brother.  Amy could concentrate on school without disruption which was key to her success up to now.
I put my hand on my heart, if it not been for Reedham's and the school's support there is no way Amy would have made it this far. Amy has achieved a lot, she was a school prefect, got an award in Spanish, been able to travel to many places including India!  She has been able to participate in various sports, she loves netball the best, and has made long term friendships at KESW. It was not only fun and games as she was able to learn new languages was a high achiever in Spanish language and got good grades in IB and has started at Leicester University studying Psychology. She had a matron and a schoolhouse mistress whenever she needed support within the school.
For me it was a much-needed break, as l was beginning to crash down with guilt because I had to leave her alone at home, as l spent most of the time in hospital. l literally had no time or concentration level to parent her on a daily basis.  I can't imagine if Reedham would not have come to our rescue what would have happened to her.

Reedham has literally saved my girl and my family”.

Please note Reedham Children's Trust are no longer accepting applications for boarding places. In 2018 we ceased taking applications to undertake more community-based projects, to increase our level of support and reach for vulnerable children and young people in Croydon. We are committed to ensuring each young person already supported in this programme will continue to be helped until they finish their studies, up to the end of their A-Levels.

If you are looking for Boarding support for your child, please contact charities Buttle UK or Royal Springboard