The things that have changed in my life during lockdown are that I have been moving to a lot of different foster homes and I have had to get to know new people. I have also changed school twice within the last year also. What I have learnt this year about myself is that you just have to protect yourself as then you will protect everybody else.

The challenges I face when it comes to learning whilst being out of school for so long is that I feel lost and get easily distracted. Towards the end I was lucky enough to be able to come into school whilst everyone else was off and we worked in smaller classes. Now coming back to school and being back in a class of 30 has made it much harder to remain focused.

My Practitioner has helped me get through things I tend to struggle with. She has been very helpful with making me feel comfortable within my new environments. When I am upset she allows me to throw a bean bag around the room in order for me to let out my frustration and calm down, as past stuff triggers me.

I cannot wait for COVID-19 to be over as i can play with my friends and go out to the cinema and do lots of fun things.