My life has changed since the first lockdown. Staying at home all the time, trying to do my work without being in my classroom, not seeing my friends. At first Coronavirus was just a little thing I had hardly heard about, but soon the disease grew, the news was now mostly focused on the new arrival of the disease. Before I knew it, shops closed and we are now staying at home, trying to survive. Usually I would see this in movies. This time in lockdown [the third lockdown announced in January] has had an impact on me and changed my point of view of the world.

My family, (grandpas, grandmas, cousins, aunties and uncles) are on a different continent, so we can only see each other on Facetime or other things so that has not really changed. Since the lockdown I have been getting to know my family and myself a whole lot better and I have been improving my talents like drums and piano and a whole lot of other things.

Although I am coping well in lockdown one of the hardest challenges is learning. The last time I saw my teachers and classmates face to face was probably near about last year in December, a few weeks before Christmas, and even then we had to stay in our bubbles.

Remote learning is a bit hard for me. Being in Year 6, especially in these unprecedented times. Except for this I have had quite a good time learning and relaxing. I have not been watching the news much since I want to keep my hopes up.

I am very excited to go back to school and when this pandemic ends for good It will be the best year ever!