Reedham Children's Trust has been supporting Daisy for seven years with an assisted placement at a secondary Boarding school. With an absent father and a mother suffering from physical and mental health issues, Daisy was evidently a young person who could greatly benefit from becoming part of the Reedham  Children's Trust Assisted Boarding programme. 

We are thrilled at the progress she has made both socially and academically.  We are also delighted that Daisy is considering moving to university after her sixth form education and has already secured five offers from some of the top universities in the country!  

Both Reedham Children's Trust and her school are incredibly proud of Daisy’s resilience, hard work and consideration towards others. Although Daisy is coming to the end of her boarding journey, Reedham will continue to support and advocate for Daisy as a Reedham Foundation student, as she moves into Higher Education and begins her life as a young adult.  

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