The families that we help have many different problems but this particular family have suffered more than most. Cathy was in a very bad marriage involving both verbal and physical domestic violence. She had two children who had to live in this terrifying atmosphere. The marriage finally broke down but Cathy, by then, had a severe drinking problem which meant that her ability to work was very limited. The 3 of them were evicted from a series of rented homes ending in a temporary hostel. The children's father remained close to them and saw them regularly. By this time the small family were living in one room before finally being given a council flat. Then another tragedy befell the children when their father died.

As often happens the older child became the carer for both the younger sibling and Cathy. There was no security, stability and very little nurture for these two children. Cathy, because of her drinking problems, sometimes disappeared, even overnight, leaving these two vulnerable children alone and scared. There were no grandparents, or indeed any relatives nearby to help. Finally the eldest child's school noticed the frequent absences, caused by having to care for Cathy after particularly bad drinking bouts.

A real solution was for the two children to go to boarding school where they could receive the support, security and wonderful pastoral care whilst not being taken from their mother. This afforded Cathy the opportunity to receive help with her drinking problems whilst her children thrived and received a great education. This is one of those cases where intervention can stop a difficult situation spiralling down the generations. This is why RCT does this work, to help families like these.

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