Will you be a Croydon Children's Champion?

Reedham Children’s Trust is Croydon’s oldest children’s charity, established in 1844.  To this day, we remain supporting vulnerable children and young people.  Over the years we have supported tens of thousands of children to be in a safe environment, improve their mental and emotional wellbeing and significantly increase their future potential through education. 

In collaboration with other established charities, voluntary organisations and schools, we focus our support on the most vulnerable children in the Croydon area. We enable targeted tailored early-intervention support to vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people and their families, to address their risk of failing to access or progress in education.

The statistics for local children are shocking and with the current cost of living crisis, things will get worse.

  • 27,063* children are living in poverty in Croydon.
  • On average, 30% of children need to receive free school meals every day – in some areas of Croydon this increases to over 70% of children. **
  • Croydon has the highest number of Looked After Children than any other London borough.

Become a children's champion and help a local child today!  There are many ways in which you can become a Croydon Children’s Champion - as a group, workplace or individually and by donating, volunteering, taking part in a sponsored challenge, hosting or creating your own event (and why not invite us along), plus much, much more!

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  • Contact us for volunteering opportunities

Reedham Children’s Trust works in partnership with charities and voluntary organisations across Croydon to enable:

  • Targeted interventions to support a child’s learning.
  • Food and/or food vouchers given to children and families in need.
  • Building a child’s/young person’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Skills development for life or work.
  • Opportunities for health and wellbeing and enrichment activities.
  • Mentoring where additional support is needed.
  • Improved engagement, attendance, and attainment at school to improve a young person's future prospects.
  • Young people to become mentors and give back to their community.
  • Over 1,000 children and young people to receive a Christmas present each year.

We strive to help young people see the potential they have not even seen in themselves yet. / Together we can support more children in need and give them the futures they deserve. (stronger)