The world is a small place and I still have a lot to see, but also now is the time in my life to give something back to those less fortunate than me.

Mike is aged 69 and married with three adult children and two grandchildren and has been living in Chipstead for 15 years. Mike's working life has been in the financial services industry and working with major institutions, including Prudential and Fidelity Investments, where he was one of the UK Directors.

In 1991 he set up a financial planning business with a firm of accountants, developing this into a major business turning over £7.5m. In 2012 Mike took a number of his closest clients, and joined a colleague, to set up a new financial planning business.

Mike is now working part-time looking after about 50 wealthy clients, assisting them achieving their their financial objectives. A keen runner, cyclist and skier for many years, Mike still competes in running and cycling events. This year Mike supported Reedham by taking part in the Prudential 100 Bike Ride.

Another of Mike's interests is a passion for travelling.