Hello everyone!

I wanted to let you all know a little bit about how I’m getting on with lockdown and how keeping up my mental fitness is so important right now. 

It’s very easy to think about the things that have been taken away from us in this difficult time. For me this includes, the sport that I love, seeing friends and family and most of all the Olympics this summer. It’s very easy to dwell on these things, get quite down and lose motivation. 

But, I believe you can take more control over what you think and what you feel, increasing our happiness and motivated through this time in isolation. This to me is mental fitness.

Below I’ve listed a few things that help me through each day and make the most of lockdown. It would be great if you could try them out and share your experiences with me and Reedham Children’s Trust. Let us know how you are getting on here or on my Instagram page.

Task 1

Make a dream list. Write down all of the things that make you happy, the things you really care about, things you enjoy doing and your aspirations for the future.

Work out how you can fit as much of these things into your day as possible. 

For example:

  •  My friends and family make me happy so I’ve been trying to speak to them every day on the phone or video chat.
  •  I’ve always wanted to learn French so I downloaded a language app to practice each day.
  •  Exercise
  •  Online courses and reading on things that interest me.

Task 2

Start each day with positive and thankful thoughts. This really helps me look on the bright side and begin the day well. I put a smile on my face and I look forward to the things I’ve planned that I know will make me happy.

For example:

- I’m so happy I can still go for a run.

- The sky is blue and the sun is out.

- Looking forward to talking to my friends and family later.

- I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next chapter of my book or episode of my favourite show.

Task 3

Exercise. Get outside for a walk, jog or run if you can. Breathe in the outside air and raise your heart rate. When we exercise the body releases chemicals that make us feel more relaxed and happy. As well as this we stay fitter and more able to fight off disease and illness. After you’ve exercised you’ll feel a happy sense of achievement. 

For example:

I get out for a run every morning around my local park or on a quiet street.

I also do a home workout session each day that doesn’t require much space or time.

Please give these tasks a go. I’d love to hear if they are working for you and what’s on your dream list.

We will remember this period of lockdown for the rest of our lives. When you look back at this time, how do you want to remember it?

I want to look back and feel proud of the things I achieved and how I stayed happy. 

Think about how you want to remember your time in lockdown and then get busy making it happen.

Best Wishes,

Henry Weir