My parents are separating and that has had a big impact on me and other members of my family, but sometimes it happens and you just need to move, but it is sad though.

My life is different because I feel more lazy with my work and I don’t understand lots more stuff and if you go to school I think you’re actually really lucky. I think if you get a chance to get out well get out because there might be another lock down.

I learnt that I really like cooking and have a passion for gardening. I realised that COVID is helpful in the way of finding a passion that you like to do, and I enjoy playing games and doing gymnastics.

School has helped a lot because I have had the support I need and if I was not a key worker’s child I would have struggled a lot and they have been a big help and I am thankful for it and now I realise how much school is important and they all want us to see the world.