We know that your first priority when making a Will is to provide for your loved ones, but once those closest to you have been provided for, you might consider leaving something to Reedham Children’s Trust too.

Leaving a Gift in your Will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can support us. It costs nothing during your lifetime but will have a powerful impact for years to come to help transform the lives of vulnerable children. 

Leaving a gift in your Will can help ensure we can continue to:

  • Transform the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Croydon

  • Provide targeted early-intervention support to disadvantaged young people aged 4-16 and their families

  • Enable local children to be able to access their education, grow in confidence and build key life skills to help them fulfil their potential.

“I find it easier to smile more and feel better in my own skin - and I’ve improved balancing friendships with school” K, aged 16.

There are three types of gifts you can leave to Reedham Children’s Trust: pecuniary, residuary, and specific.

  • A pecuniary legacy is a gift of a specified sum of money.

  • A residuary legacy is where a person leaves a percentage of their estate, once family members have been provided for, and money owed or other charitable gifts have been deducted.

  • A specific legacy is a gift of a particular item, such as antiques, jewellery, toys or paintings for example. 

Gifts left in a Will does not have to be large amounts; any amount is possible. Whatever you choose to leave, your donation will help us continue to reach the children who need it most.

Trustee Rawle Beckles has kindly decided to leave a gift in his Will to Reedham Children’s Trust.

“I will continue to donate to Reedham Children’s Trust on a regular basis and leave them a legacy in my Will, in the knowledge that my modest efforts will give some comfort to hundreds of disadvantaged young people Reedham are able to help”. - Rawle Beckles

If you, like Rawle, would like to discuss leaving a gift to us in your Will, please feel free to call our team who would be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you might have.

Please also make sure you seek the advice of a solicitor before making or amending a Will. If you don't have a solicitor you can find a list of local solicitors in your areas by visiting the Law Society website.

For further information, please contact  [email protected]