Here are a few things some of our current champions have to say:

Merry Maids of Croydon

"There can be no doubt that we are living in difficult and uncertain times. But we don’t have to face them alone. By working together, we can make a real difference and improve the lives of the people in our communities. That’s why Merry Maids of Croydon are delighted to be partnering with Reedham Children’s Trust to support people in and around Croydon”.

The BRIT School

"The BRIT school is incredibly proud to be Children’s Champions, helping young people to overcome their barriers and improve their futures, which fits in to The BRIT Schools ethos and values.

It's a pleasure to work with Reedham Children's Trust. reaching and supporting more vulnerable young people in Croydon".

Morrisons, Croydon (Purley Way)

"Morrisons Croydon has been proudly supporting Reedham Children’s Trust for a number of years, we truly value being a Children’s Champion. Together we are able to help more vulnerable children in our local community".  

Royal Russell School

"We love working with Reedham Children's Trust because they believe that education has the power to transform lives but understand that many children in Croydon need help to overcome the obstacles they face in their lives, to be successful in school". 

and some individual champions....


I have a very personal reason for supporting Reedham Children’s Trust. 

In 1934 my father, Patrick Beeson, and his brother, were sponsored by a local benefactor in Tadworth to apply for places at Reedham school;  he was 7 and his brother was 9.  They were eligible to attend the school for ‘fatherless children’ as their father had died 3 years earlier leaving their mother with 6 children and very little income to support them. 

Unfortunately, Dad left at 14 as my Grandma, afraid the school would be struck when bombs began to drop on London, took the boys out of Reedham.   However, in spite of his untimely departure, he had a successful and rewarding career, a happy family life and had a lifelong commitment to charity work through his involvement in Rotary.

All of this he put down to the education, grounding and start in life he received at Reedham school, and he continued to support the charity until he died. 

I’ve often thought my life could have been very different if Dad hadn’t been given the chance of a good education at Reedham so I’ve taken on his commitment to the charity. 


"I’m incredibly proud to be a Children’s Champion to support our local children and help them build the futures they deserve".

Henry Weir, Ambassador

"Being a Children's Champion is so important to me because of the opportunities I was given growing up. All children will thrive if we give them the opportunity and support to do so. I remember how certain events or interactions with mentors affected me growing up. They lit a fire of inspiration and motivation. It's our duty to do this for the next generations, especially when their circumstances leave them vulnerable and lacking the opportunity that I was fortunate enough to benefit from".