Help with day to day extras that families cannot afford

Every term, Reedham receives requests for support with day to day extras that some of our families simply cannot afford. 

School Uniform / PE Kit Uniform and shoes.  Shoes are requested more frequently as less opportunity for second hand donations
Extra curricular  School trips are a vital addition to school life.  Our children miss-out on opportunities to travel without the support of this fund
Travel costs Train travel and taxis to transport children at the beginning and end of term
Music lessons Support is always required for many of our talented young people
Counselling support Individual counselling sessions help our young people, and strengthen relationships with their family members
Dyagnostic learning support ie dyslexia Regular dyslexia assessments are often put in place to monitor a child's learning
Christmas groceries for a family Through face to face meetings, many of our families have no means to purchase Christmas groceries

Many of our families are struggling with generational poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic abuse and disability. 75% of the children we help are young carers lacking the security and support they need to focus on their education and prosper.  An increasing number of these need more help than ever

We need to fundraise to specifically meet this need within our overall package of support.

Please contact [email protected] to find out more.