I left school at 16 years and went to work in a construction company. I want to keep working and build up funds and then eventually run my own company where I can subcontract work and employ my own labourers. At first it was very different being surrounded by students from high profile backgrounds, I was an ‘Essex Boy’ and felt very different. However, being with people from different backgrounds made me realise I wanted to aim high and it also improved my articulation!
Boarding school is full of students from different communities which expanded my friendship groups as I met people from all around the world. A lot of students can speak at least two languages. I am hoping to do a degree in education and may consider combining it with learning a language at either UCL, Southampton or Brighton I hope to travel around Asia one day.
I went on various Duke of Edinburgh trips and also went to Germany and Paris. The benefit of boarding is the wide range of sporting activities on offer and I had access to sports I had never played before such as hockey, rounders and netball
I was exposed to another style of life which was so different to my home environment. When I saw what other students ‘had’ I was motivated to work hard and to give myself a prosperous and stable future. I am going to study history at Bristol and then hoping to do a law conversion. My School has contacts in law and I have an internship with a law firm next summer

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