Ania's Story

In my honest opinion I would conclude that being a young carer is like a roller-coaster. Sometimes I feel great, really good about myself and helping out my mum, that is when the roller-coaster is high. Other times I feel low, not so great because perhaps mum is having a bad day and is sick in bed

..... on these days, although I do try and help I feel like it doesn't make a difference. My mum is still in pain and I feel helpless. These are the days that the roller-coaster is low.

There are a lot more responsibilities that come along with being a young carer, more things to worry about and often I feel like I'm forced to grow up more than happily living through my age. When I see other families and stay with them for a few days I realise how different it is to mine. When I was younger I didn't understand as much, but now I'm older I feel frustrated and sometimes lonely. It used to seem like my family were the only ones where my sister and I helped care for my mum. It made me angry but nowhere for my anger to be directed. Nobody is to blame since it's nobody's fault that my mum is ill. I used to think that perhaps it was me since the timing of my birth was when my mum got a lot of health problems.

These feelings all contribute for reasons why I love boarding school so much. It gives me the opportunity to really excel and try my hardest at school without any distractions. To try out new things and find fun hobbies. I really enjoy learning and I know that education is very important so being funded for this is amazing. I'm not as stressed and anxious about my mum's health anymore because I remember walking to my old school and every time an ambulance drove past my heart skipping a beat. Boarding hadn't been an option before but since my mum went into hospital on my third day of school it became something that we actually considered.

In September 2014 we really needed help and I am so grateful that someone reached out and helped us. Boarding school has given me lots of more opportunities and I've built strong friendships with other boarders in my house. It makes me happy to know that whilst I am away my mum can concentrate on making herself better and stronger and neither of us have to worry so much anymore!

For advice on applying for a boarding school place, please contact [email protected]