Become a Children's Champion for vulnerable children in Croydon

Fundraiser ideas for groups, schools or workplaces. 

Listed as: Social Activities; Competitions; Skills and Talent Based; Sports and Activities; Schools, Sacrifices and Other Ideas. 

Social Activities

  • Afternoon Tea – Tea and cucumber sandwiches anyone? Host with friends family or at work.
  • Sports - (please also see Competitions)
  • Bingo - Who will be the first to check off all their numbers on the night?
  • Cocktail Night – From Sea Breeze to a Boozy Woozy - create a charity cocktail evening for friends or colleagues. 
  • Coffee Morning – Obviously include cake! Come together for a lovely chat and cuppa.
  • Dinner Party – Why not theme it and host your own charity dinner.
  • Eurovision Party - The UK are hosting, why not make it the best party this year?  Attendees dress as a country and make a donation to attend.
  • Film Night – Could be hosting at home, at a local hall, or a meeting room – just don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Games Night – Host a fun games night with friends or your local group and ask participants for a donation to take part (perhaps some of the entry fee could be prize money too)!
  • Ice Cream Tasting Event.
  • Poker Night – But with the winnings donated to charity.
  • Quiz Night – Always a firm favourite.  Test everyone’s knowledge and raise money in the process.
  • Superhero Party or Mufti Day – Come dressed as our superhero and save the day.
  • Talent Contest – Sing, dance, show-off your magical talents and host a fantastic night.
  • Wine Tasting – Enjoy some delicious drinks whilst becoming a connoisseur.


  • Arm Wrestling Contest – Who is the champion?  Host with friends, family or maybe at work, (if the boss allows)!
  • Darts Contest – Can you beat Bully? Pay per round and divide the donations between the winner and Reedham Children’s Trust.
  • Joke-a-Thon – Tell your best jokes to exchange laughs for donations, or have a competition to find the best joke. 
  • Keepy-Uppy Challenge – Who can keep the ball up the longest.
  • Sports Day – Host at school or recreate the egg and spoon race at work.
  • University Challenge – Host your own university challenge style event.

Skills and Talent Based 

  • Bake Sale – Who isn’t inspired by Mary? Showcase your talents and let everyone enjoy some delicious treats!
  • Improv Night - Let your members or work colleagues flex their skills.
  • International Food party - Participants bring a different dish and charge a nominal tasting fee!
  • Knitting – Use your knitting skills to create some items to sell.
  • Learn a New Skill – And get sponsored in the process.
  • Music Concert – Hold your own music event.
  • Original Recipe Challenge – Who can be the best and win the challenge?
  • Obstacle Course – This could be physical or a mental challenge.  Who can complete the fastest?
  • World Record Attempt – Challenge yourself or others to try and break a world record.

Sports and Activities (see also Competitions) 

  • Challenge Events – Why not look at challenge events local to you?  You could, ride, swim, run, abseil – and lots more!
  • Football, Netball or other Team Sports Match - Host a football match and sponsor the number of goals or points scored.
  • Goalie Saves - Why should the goal scorer get all the glory?  Get sponsored for all the saves you make!
  • Hiking - Feeling like a real challenge?  Why not undertake a sponsored hike with friends, family or co-workers.
  • Night Time Sponsored Walk.
  • Penalty Shoot-Out Tournament!
  • Press-Up or Plank Challenge – Who has the strength to win?


  • Drawing Contest – Get the kids involved, £1 entry, winner receives a prize with the rest of the money donated.
  • Guess How Many? A great one for children of all ages – guess how many sweets in a jar. £1 entry but the winner gets to keep all the sweets!
  • Lego Contest – See who can build the most impressive Lego creation.  Charge a nominal fee for entry with the winner getting some of the prize money.
  • Sponsored Quiet Time.
  • Read-a-Thon – Get reading for charity.
  • Teddy Bear Picnic – Host a teddy bear picnic for families to enjoy.
  • Tombola – Run a tombola with fun prizes to help raise vital funds.
  • Uniform Free Day – Skip the uniform or the office attire in return for a small donation.


  • Donate an Hour’s Earnings.
  • Kick–a-Habit – Get sponsored to kick that bad habit - you know you should!
  • Mobile Free Day – Sponsor anyone willing to go without their phone for the day.

Other Ideas

  • Dog Show – Best in show, prettiest pup – there are lots of ways your pooch can take part.
  • Fancy Dress Day – This could be at school and quite fun at work!
  • Jumble Sale – See what unwanted items you have and sell them.
  • Litter Pick – Raise money whilst helping keep your local community clean. 
  • Loose Change Collection – Ask people to donate the loose change they have.
  • Walk a Dog Day! Walk a friend or neighbour’s dog for a small charge that you can donate to charity

or Sponsored... Anything! Silence, run, read, swim… as long as it’s challenging you can be sponsored. See more sponsored activity ideas here.