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Fundraising events you could get sponsored for!

Colour codes: I = Individuals;  G = Group;  W = at work.

Fundraising ideas for groups and workplaces

Sports and Activities

  • Challenge Events – Why not look at challenge events local to you?  You could, ride, swim, run, abseil – and lots more!   I, G, W
  • Football, Netball or Other Sports Match - Host a match and sponsor the number of goals or points scored.  G, W
  • Goalie Saves - Why should the goal scorer get all the glory?  Get sponsored for all the saves you make!  I, G
  • Undertake a Sponsored Hike with friends, family or co-workers.  G, W
  • Keepy-Uppy Challenge – Who can keep the ball up the longest.  G, W
  • Night Time Sponsored Walk.  IG, W
  • Obstacle Course – This could be physical or a mental challenge.  Who can complete the fastest?  G, W
  • Penalty Shoot-Out Tournament!  G, W
  • Press-Up or Plank Challenge – Who has the strength to win?  G, W
  • Run – Test out your endurance by signing up to a sponsored charity run or set up a race day with your friends.  IG, W
  • Sports Day – Host at school or recreate the egg and spoon race at work. G, W
  • Zip-Line for Charity!  IG, W


  • Give Something Up… Would your friends and family sponsor you to forgo one of your pleasures?  I, G, W
  • Mobile Free Day – Sponsor anyone willing to go without their phone for the day.  IG, W

Skills & Talent

  • Learn a New Skill – And get sponsored in the process. I
  • Quickest Time Contest – This could be for nearly anything!  See who can complete a challenge the fastest.  G, W
  • Talent Contest – Sing, dance, show-off your magical talents and host a fantastic night.  GW
  • University Challenge – Host your own university challenge style event.  G, W
  • Variety Shows – Host a local variety show and enjoy an evening of entertainment.  G, W
  • World Record Attempt – Challenge yourself or others to try and break a world record.  IG, W

For the Community

  • Litter Pick – Raise money whilst helping keep your local community clean.  G, W
  • Walk a Dog Day!  Walk a friend or neighbour’s dog for a small charge that you can donate to charity.  IG

Suitable for Schools (please also see Sports)

  • Sponsored Quiet Time – Set yourself a set time to stay quiet with 50p donated for every noise made during quiet time.  IG, W
  • Read-a-Thon – Challenge friends, family, students or co-workers to get reading for charity.  IG, W