Research into the educational gap which exists between poor and more affluent children suggests that one contributing factor is that more affluent children often have a home environment which is more conducive to supporting their education than their poorer counterparts.

More affluent children are more likely to have gardens and bedrooms in which to escape and read or study quietly, where in contrast poorer children often live in cramped or over-crowded and often chaotic conditions.

More well off children are likely to have parents who can extend their learning, take them on trips to broaden their horizons and to help with homework at home.

I was exposed to another style of life which was so different to my home environment. When I saw what other students ‘had’ I was motivated to work hard and to give myself a prosperous and stable future. I am going to study history at Bristol and then hoping to do a law conversion. My School has contacts in law and I have an internship with a law firm next summer
Reedham's intervention provides children with space to focus on their school work, build strong relationships and enjoy simple things such as regular hot meals for the first time in their lives.  

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