If I was not boarding I am sure I would be in trouble with the police at home on the estate by now... Sam

Our Reedham Guardians are valued donors who have pledged significant support to Reedham Children's Trust, and enjoy the opportunity to be closely involved with our work, helping very vulnerable children. 

“Sam” is a Reedham Foundationer and is the first male in three generations of his family to still be in school at aged 14. This would not be possible without support from this growing group of special individuals dedicated to supporting our work for some of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Will you enable Reedham to be a trusted ally to the children and young people we support by becoming a Reedham Guardian?

100% of your donation is used to respond directly to children’s disadvantaged circumstances by funding their school fees at a nurturing boarding school and for supporting with ‘extras’ such as school uniform, sports kit, travel costs.

With your help we believe the kind of truly transformative change which our intervention brings, can ripple through families, communities, and even on to future generations.

Please contact [email protected] for full details.