Anna, a former student recently sent us an update.


Good afternoon, 

As a child I was fortunate to receive help to attend a boarding school from the Reedham Trust (along with another charity) between 1994 and 2001. I wrote several years ago to inform you of how this transformed my life, and how I was making the most of the opportunities. I thought I would do so again to update how the generosity of the trust and your donors has impacted my everyday all these years on. I think my last update was just as I started university...

Following school, I attended Durham University where I studied Physics. I gained a 2:1 and followed my dream to become a teacher. I had formed this idea in my mind of working within education as it had changed my life and I wanted the opportunity to have that impact with others. I completed my PGCE in secondary science in 2005 at Durham and moved to Leamington to complete my NQT year. Whilst my motivation to move to Leamington was good, it was a heart-based decision, as I had fallen in love at university to an engineering student who was yet to find a job, so central to the UK I went it! His job brought us to Lincoln over 17 years ago and we've lived here happily since. I have continued in education, quickly being employed as a head of Physics and moving schools only to improve the range of work I undertake. I have actively chosen to stay in the state sector as I want the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and to share a small part of my experience with the students I work with. I look about me and I see the challenges that students face, some are similar to mine, others are very different. I recognise the shift that the support that the Reedham Trust has had in my life.  Please know that I am so grateful and wanted to encourage you that the work you do and the support that you give young people can have a truly life changing impact. 




Please note her name has been changed.