Libby Purves makes a compelling case that “boarding schools are perfect for the poorest" in her recent article in The Times – 6 February, 2017.

In her article, Libby says, “the defence [of boarding schools] is necessary because, actually, a modern boarding school could be a lifeline for children with grim lives. Some state boarding schools (yes, they exist), already are."

Consider what the experience could offer secondary-age children from fragile lives, devoid of structure, routine, boundaries and decent food. Any good school may provide these by day, but at four o'clock things fall apart. A bleak dangerous walk to a problematic home, nowhere to do homework, no money for activities the school library closed, temptations on the street

We are delighted that Libby Purves has expressed her support for the opportunities which boarding school can offer poor and disadvantaged children. Our vital work can transform their lives.