In my honest opinion I would conclude that being a young carer is like a roller-coaster. Sometimes I feel great, really good about myself and helping out my mum, that is when the roller-coaster is high. Other times I feel low, not so great because perhaps mum is having a bad day and is sick in bed. On these days, although I do try and help I feel like it doesn't make a difference. My mum is still in pain and I feel helpless. These are the days that the roller-coaster is low

Ania, Young Carer

Every year Reedham Children’s Trust hears from dozens of families struggling with generational poverty, mental and physical illness, substance abuse, domestic abuse and disability.

Currently around 65% of the young people we help are young carers. Many of these children will miss out on appropriate support, and their own futures are at risk, as they are in greater danger of suffering poor health issues, addiction and poverty when they grow up.

Our intervention gives them the stability they lack at home and the opportunity to thrive in a secure environment, without losing contact with their families.

Please contact [email protected] if you are experiencing difficulties like Ania.