A good education is a fortune a child can never spend

Rev. Dr Andrew Reed

Since the charity was founded, we have helped over 1,500 children in nurturing boarding schools.

Reedham Children’s Trust was founded as ‘The Asylum (Orphanage) for Fatherless Children’ by the visionary Rev Dr Andrew Reed, one of the great Victorian Philanthropists and Social Reformers.

Today Reedham is still flourishing, full of energy and new ideas, and importantly continues to increase and develop its support for disadvantaged and vulnerable children.  Our emphasis is on boarding, and schools are carefully chosen and closely monitored to suit each individual child. 

We fund on a shared basis with partner schools, with whom we have established a good relationship and have confidence in the quality of their provision.  Our approach builds a strong face to face relationship with the families we help, and provides vital ongoing support to ensure the young  person gets the best from their school placement.

Applications come from many sources; parents, grandparents, guardians, schools, charitable organisations, social services, churches and family friends.  Each application is careful investigated and the family interviewed before a case reaches the Selection Panel of Reedham Members who decide whether or not a grant can be given.

Please take a look at what the children we help have to say about boarding.