Year 11 students from Oasis Academy, Coulsdon give up a week of their Easter school holidays to take part in a project supported by Reedham Children's Trust and Reed's School.

"I wish it was the whole two weeks!"


For the past two years Reed's Alumni have welcomed pupils from Oasis Academy, Coulsdon to their school site in Cobham.


With GCSEs on the horizon, Oasis students benefit from one to one maths and english revision guidance.  The maths and english lessons are customised to give students more time and attention in a unique learning environment, with less people which helps students to focus and feel under less pressure.

Mr van Gelder, Oasis commented that this initiative has "raised motivation", "kept students motivated during exams” and students were also “really focused” and worked hard during exams.


It's not all work and no play! The 
Pachesham Golf Centre offers students fun golfing activities during the afternoons, plus games in the sports hall.

"The English sessions were very informative and helped me progress"

"The sport in the afternoon was fun, and allowed me to try sports that I have never experienced before"

Students are collected by a private mini-bus "which was great, and made us feel really special"

"Lunch was delicious, and we could get seconds!"

We were delighted to collaborate with 
Oasis Academy Coulsdon and Reed’s School on this project. Fantastic engagement between peer groups from both schools in a wonderful teaching and learning environment, with GCSE English and Maths revision taking place in the morning and sports activities in the afternoon. Thank you to all involved!"

Sarah Smart, CEO, Reedham Children's Trust