“Reedham has always been a big part of my families lives


My dad, Ringo Atvars, attended the orphanage and boarding school from 1968-1973 alongside his brother Tali Atvars, now Chairman of Reedham Old Scholars Association.

When attending reunions throughout my childhood, both my dad and uncle spoken of how Reedham Children’s Trust both supported their upbringing and their futures.  When my dad passed away suddenly in 2012, the Reedham Old Scholar’s Association were such a huge help to my family which was testament to the nurturing family that Reedham has always created.

Although Reedham’s original orphanage and boarding school no longer remains, the sentiment and vision carries on across the Country, supporting children in poverty and hardship.   

What a brilliant reason to run the London Marathon.   If you know me at all, you know running is not my forte, but what a reason to make it my best attribute!  My family have directly benefited from their selfless, wonderful work, and it is such an honour to raise much needed money for them to help this continue for many others!

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