Anton's mother passed away when he was a child and his father left the family home when he was very young. Reedham has supported Anton and his brother from the age of 11. A funded boarding school alleviated the pressure on his teenage brother who was only 18 when he assumed guardianship for his younger brothers. 

Anton's older brother was left to care for him, along with his younger brother.  With the older brother struggling to cope and being evicted from his home, Anton effectively became ‘homeless’ during the school holidays when his boarding school was closed.

Academia didn’t come easily to Anton, but he still tried his hardest to pass his GCSE’s. Enjoying the extra-curricular sporting activities the school had to offer, he excelled most in this area.

"He was selected to represent the school in Vancouver on a rugby tour!"

Having not achieved the results that were expected of him to stay at his boarding school, Anton found himself on the verge of being 'homeless' once again.  

Working collaboratively with the school, Reedham enabled Anton to retain a boarding place at the school which has been his home for the past 5 years while studying externally with a local Football Academy

Anton now lives at the school while he studies towards a Diploma at the Academy. With the school providing his daily travel and lunches every day - Reedham continues to help Anton monitoring his welfare by topping up his packed lunch using money donated to the Reedham Welfare Fund.

Many people have provided vital support for Anton throughout his life

Crucially at the end of year 11, Anton's girlfriend's mother was pivotal in enabling Anton to experience a greater degree of security and stability in his life and to have hope for the future. Anton can now focus on a career in a sport that he loves, which may not have been possible, without the support of a charity like Reedham.