Megan was dealing with emotional difficulties after experiencing living in an environment featuring drugs, violence and parental depression.

She found it hard to communicate with both parents who, though separated, had a difficult relationship which they struggled to keep Megan away from.

Megan was displaying destructive behaviour and finding it hard to cope going between two homes. We saw a child, who was fragile and in need of emotional help and support.

We have supported Megan from the age of 10. A funded boarding school place has given Megan the chance to flourish in her own right, as she has responded to a positive, stimulated environment.

'Megan has made huge personal progress this year, learning to keep her emotions in check at times of stress and to allow herself time out to consider what has happened when things go wrong rather than jumping straight in.’  - Megan's Teacher

Megan has excelled both academically and in co-curricular school life and is working hard towards her GCSE’s. Megan has worked on maintaining a positive relationship with her mother and grown in her ability to handle and express her emotions.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Megan!