"Daisy is a child of immense potential, despite this she was not achieving her full potential at school due to her home situation."


Daisy’s mum was overwhelmed due to having three children under the age of 4, and a volatile relationship with the father of the younger children, who is often uncontactable or abusive. She has physical health issues, and periods of mental ill-health which has meant Mum relied on Daisy inappropriately for emotional and practical support.

The family is reliant on out of work benefits and there have been several social care assessments and a period on a child protection plan. Things always seem to improve for a while, but then regress when interventions end.

Since Reedham’s intervention, Daisy is making excellent progress academically. She particularly likes art, PE, and music and was recently awarded an all-round scholarship.

Daisy has developed friendships with young people from a wider range of backgrounds which is raising her aspirations. These friendships not only provide more exciting activities for Daisy over the holidays, but has opened Daisy’s eyes to life outside of her family and the estate that she lives.

She expresses growing determination to do well at school so that she can get a good job and have a positive future.



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