Why we do it

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Transforming lives

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Fundraising Promise

Reedham is extremely grateful for the support and enthusiasm of the wonderful people who donate and fundraise for us. We are committed to making sure that every donation is used effectively and where it is needed the most.Read more

Boarding Schools are Perfect for the Poorest

Libby Purves – Broadcaster, Writer and Columnist at the TimesRead more

This is Your Life

“This Is Your Life" was broadcast by the BBC on Monday 13 November 1961.Read more

Mother of Young Carer Case Study

Zainab is a teacher by profession. She has suffered deteriorating ill-health since her daughter Ania was born 14 years ago. She has been unable to work for a number of years. She retrained as a counsellor a few years ago as she was desperate to work but knew she could no longer do anything as physically active as being a teacher. However, although she qualified she was not able to practice as her health deteriorated even further.Read more

Young Carer Case Study

Ania is a Young Carer who starting boarding in 2014Read more

Charity Bake Sale

Bake sales area a really great way of raising funds for Reedham!Read more

Wedding Gifts

With many couples now marrying later in life or arranging civil ceremonies, you could you use this as an opportunity to do something to help change lives instead?Read more

What our young people say about boarding

What our young people say about boardingRead more

Erika's Story

Reedham has always been a big part of my family’s lives. My dad, Ringo Atvars, attended the orphanage and boarding school from 1968-1973 alongside his brother Tali Atvars, now Chairman of Reedham Old Scholars Association.Read more

Life transforming opportunity

Research into the educational gap which exists between poor and more affluent children suggests that one contributing factor is that more affluent children often have a home environment which is more conducive to supporting their education than their poorer counterparts.Read more

Reedham Charter

Our preferred aim is to work with schools that follow the Reedham Charter.Read more

School Kit and Extras Fundraising

Every term, Reedham receives requests for support with day to day extras that some of our families simply cannot afford.Read more

In Memory

In Memory Giving is an opportunity to set up a personal fund page as a tribute to honour your beloved.Read more

Family case study

Stephanie's StoryRead more

What to expect as a parent

Boarding increases independence, confidence, social skills and resillienceRead more

Application Process

Apply here for an assisted boarding school placeRead more

Apply for Funding

Making an application for a grant for an assisted boarding school placeRead more

Vice Presidents

Our VPs lend their support to Reedham, by taking on a high-profile figurehead role.Read more

Easy Fundraising

Raise free FUNDS for your local Charity!Read more

The Croydon Partnership

Westfield and Hammerson strongly believe in supporting communities through ongoing local partnershipsRead more

M&S Charity of the Year

M&S Croydon are supporting Reedham Children's Trust as their Charity of the Year 2017/2018Read more